Fight Diabetes Head on with Fermented Black Garlic

Fight Diabetes Head on with Fermented Black Garlic


One of the most common problems because of stressed living and awry lifestyle is Type 2 Diabetes. Our demanding work routines, require simpler and more effective ways to maintain health. With scientifically backed evidence, we introduce you to a modest watchdog - Black Garlic for keeping a check on your diabetes. This watchdog is not very demanding and can be easily accommodated in your busy lifestyle.

Managing and reversing diabetes is very important to keep ourselves free from various complications in our physiology. Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to cardiovascular problems, neurological problems and even problems related with kidneys or eyes. Amongst these, cardiovascular problem is of the greatest concern, as it is the most common and the most fatal.

There is accumulating evidence that antioxidants may prove really helpful in prevention of diabetic complications. A research study found out that Hyperglycemia or abnormally high blood glucose levels is the problem associated with diabetes; the major cause of oxidative stress. Oxidative stress means more production of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and Free Radicals which in turn plays a key role in the start of and progression of diabetes and diabetic complications. It is thus believed that anti-oxidant nutrients in the diet of a diabetic person can help in alleviating Diabetes and related complications.

In a recent research, raw garlic has been proven to reduce blood glucose levels and possess anti-oxidant properties. Fermented Black Garlic which is produced by ageing whole garlic at high temperature and high humidity shows stronger anti-oxidant effects than raw garlic and hence complements raw garlic in fighting diabetes related complications. A study has proven that consumption of diet containing 5% Fermented Black Garlic improved insulin sensitivity, decreased serum total Cholesterol levels and increased HDL cholesterol level in the body. A combination of these results when inferred means that Fermented Black Garlic is an excellent superfood to confront Diabetes head on.

Managing diabetes just got easier with this above pool of scientific information. Take the next step for leading a better life with the introduction of this black bundle of garlic in your diet.

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