Black garlic Benefits for diabetes

Black garlic Benefits for diabetes


It might not look too exotic but the fact is that Black Garlic tastes better than its traditional counterpart. Some people are put-off by garlic because of its sharp, overpowering flavor but Black Garlic offers a more subtle and sweet alternative.

In addition, during the ageing process it loses its pungency when compared to fresh garlic, thus making it possible for you to use its toasty, fruity, and caramelized flavor in several different ways that is not possible with Raw Garlic.

The good news for the more adventurous eaters, there are some wonderful health benefits of this unique food item.

The process used in making Black Garlic is known to amplify garlic’s traditional health properties, including reducing blood pressure, fighting common cold, and detoxifying the body of excess metals, among other important benefits. However, Black Garlic is a Super Food that offers many more other health benefits when compared to Fresh Garlic.

So, how is black garlic made? The dark, sweet product is what you get after fermenting raw whole garlic cloves for days in a relatively humid environment.

The garlic turns black and becomes more acidic, sweeter and chewy.

The reason why black garlic offers a lot of health benefits is that it is very rich in antioxidants. As a matter of fact, it may contain up to two times more antioxidants than raw garlic.

Treat type 2 diabetes

Those who suffer from type 2 diabetes know that the condition can wreak havoc on their health due to oxidative stress. Uncontrolled diabetes may lead to serious complications like kidney disease, heart disease, nerve damage and vision problems – sometimes even blindness.

The potent antioxidants in Black Garlic specifically can reduce oxidative stress caused by increased blood sugar levels. Multiple studies have found that its high level of antioxidants exert an even stronger effect than regular garlic and could be even more helpful in preventing complications of diabetes.

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