Black Garlic is the panacea for Obesity

Black Garlic is the panacea for Obesity


Look around and you see almost everybody admiring and aspiring for an attractive and healthy body. A healthy and fit body is not only attractive and impressive but also helps free a burden of diseases associated with obesity. You’re not alone if you feel weighed down by a large number of solutions to get rid of obesity. Some advices may actually be genuine, while others may just be a sham. In this confusion of aplenty; one simple, natural and efficient way to deal with obesity might seem like the much awaited panacea and blessing in disguise. This is precisely the intention of this blog; to talk about the effects of Black Garlic on obesity.

Black Garlic, is the name for white garlic that has undergone almost a month long fermentation under carefully controlled conditions of heat and humidity. Black Garlic is loved for a range of medicinal and health benefits. A lot of researches support the fact, that Black Garlic can be immensely helpful to reduce obesity.

A recent research paper shared on ResearchGate reveals that Aged Black Garlic extract helps to alleviate obesity by suppressing body fat and making changes in lipid profiles and the anti-oxidant defense system. Black Garlic, significantly lowered adipose tissue or the fat tissue in the body of the experimental group relative to the control group.

Yet another research published in a reputed journal concluded that Methanolic extract of Black Garlic can be developed as a nutrient ingredient for prevention of obesity. During the research, it was observed that Black Garlic regulates lipid metabolism. As a result, supplementation of high fat diet with Black Garlic decreased the final body weight, mass of fat tissues, serum triglyceride levels, and hepatic oxidative stress.

Due to the evidence consolidating that Black Garlic indeed is the much awaited natural supplement for obesity; and a lot of people have adopted it in their dietary routines. Black Garlic, being a medicinal plant should be preferred over alternatives because of its natural origin and no side effects.

There is no substitute for a healthy diet coupled with exercise to lead a healthy life. By introducing a bit of Black Garlic in your diet, it can make the journey to an obesity free health swifter and easier.

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