History of Black Garlic
The Super Food of this Century and It's Amazing Properties
Garlic has been used as a medicine since antiquity, in virtually every civilization including ancient Egypt, India, Rome, China, Korea and Japan. It is only now, that scientists from around the world, have identified a number of bioactive substances in Garlic and this could open up and lead to a revolution in the alternate medicine treatment system.
The earliest known references show that Garlic was a primary food in the daily diet of Egyptians, as it would maintain and increase their strength. It is believed that the labour, which built the famous pyramids were fed on Garlic to give them strength and vigour.
As per the Bible, the Jewish slaves in Egypt were fed Garlic to increase their strength and productivity. In Greece too, Garlic was fed to the workers to give them strength and enhanced work capacity. Garlic was an important ingredient of the military diet, so that they could remain in the battle field with unending fighting strength. The same is true for Rome, Ancient China and Japan.
About Black Garlic
In India, Garlic has been associated with the healing process and was used in Ancient medical treatment in Tibbi, Unani and Ayurveda.
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A prominent surviving text, Charaka-Samhita prescribed Garlic for the treatment of Heart Disease and Arthritis, 2000 years ago. Garlic improves cardio-vascular function, reduces blood pressure, improves elevated cholesterol levels, decreases platelet aggregation, protects vascular endothelial cells from damage by LDL. These are some of the benefits of Garlic for the cardiac deficiencies.
The Koreans developed the Black Garlic and in Taoism mythology, Black Garlic was rumored to grant immortality and as such, Black Garlic is a very prized food, rich in anti- oxidants and a wide range of phytocompounds. Black Garlic is rich in manganese, calcium, phosphorus, selenium, vitamin C and vitamin B6. All this is beneficial for the thyroid and the bones. There are more than 100 different compounds, which have been identified in Garlic.
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