We take pride in introducing The Amazing Black Garlic in India
Benefits of Black Garlic
Black Garlic is rich in nutrients and can improve human body function, eliminate fatigue, improve physical strength, help constipation, protect the liver, improve the prostate activity, help promote sleep. Besides, Black Garlic lends immunity to influenza. It is anti-aging and helps in the prevention of cancer. Promotes recovery of diabetic patients, lowers blood pressure, prevents blood clots and helps lower cholesterol levels.
Fermented Black Garlic is known to surpass the nutritional value of fresh Garlic. Studies have found that the fermentation of fresh Garlic dramatically raises its health promoting properties and its bio availability. A comparison of the Raw Garlic to Black Garlic Nutritional and Mineral content is available on our website.
Benefits Black Garlic
Feel Better Live Better
Fights Diabetes
Prevents Obesity
Reduces Allergies
Helps to Lower Cholesterol and
High Blood Pressure
Benefits Black Garlic
Has anti-bacterial, anti-carcinogenic and anti-tumor properties
Regenerates Skin Cells
Helps in Psoriasis
Strengthens the immune system
Your Gateway to Health, Longevity & Wellness
Black Garlic is produced by fermenting its bulbs in a complex, humidity controlled parameters with temperatures ranging from 60 to 85 degrees centigrade. No additives or preservatives are used. This process of fermentation and oxidization can take from 90 – 120 days. Though the process often referred to as “fermentation” is not so in the real scientific sense, as the transformation does not involve microbial processes, enzymatic breakdown and only the “Maillard” reaction is responsible for the caramelization of the sugar content, dark black colour and its complex flavour profile.
Garlic cloves having turned black have a soft chewable texture with a tangy and sweet flavour. The efficacy of Garlic's nutritional factors is significantly improved. Compared to fresh Garlic, Black Garlic is low in alliin but it is amazingly high in other oxidants. Fermented garlic is “pure super food”.
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