Black Garlic - A Great Way to Treat Psoriasis

Black Garlic - A Great Way to Treat Psoriasis


Black Garlic derives its name from the colour of the cloves after an ageing process, by treating whole garlic bulbs under a controlled environment of humidity and temperature. Besides turning black and losing its overpowering pungent taste, the garlic becomes sweeter, chewy and tangy.

The aging process is known to further amplify Garlic’s traditional health properties. From fighting a common cold to cancer, Black Garlic is a super food that offers many other health benefits when compared to fresh garlic. Immensely popular in South East Asia, Black Garlic is now gaining popularity & acceptance in the West as well.

It is common knowledge that garlic is good for overall health and immunity, but did you know that Black Garlic is a great way to treat psoriasis?

Black Garlic is a natural blood purifier and has been used to bring about improvements in a number of skin conditions, including psoriasis. Consuming two to three black garlic cloves every morning, preferably on an empty stomach, is highly effective in removing toxins from blood and providing instant relief from the itchy red skin patches seen in psoriasis.

People suffering from inflammatory psoriasis have been reported to have high levels of arachidonic acid in their adipose tissues and skin. Black Garlic is known for its ability to inhibit the activity of lipoxygenase, an enzyme that is involved in an inflammatory cascade triggered by the presence of arachidonic acid. No wonder 81 year old, Choo Keng Kwang, a Mandarin oil painter, is said to have been completely cured of his psoriasis by eating half a bulb of black garlic everyday for a few months. Being rich in antioxidants, Black Garlic did the trick that innumerable skin creams, prescribed to Mr. Kwang, had failed to achieve.

Black garlic can be eaten raw or cooked in the same manner as fresh garlic. Its taste has been compared to dried fruits – sweet, smoky and chewy. So isn’t it time to start encashing on these health benefits- consuming it raw or blending black garlic in your sauces & spreads and adding a little to any dish to reap the benefits of this black bundle of magic?

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