Spring Season Has Arrived And So Has Black Garlic: The Great Immunity - booster!

Spring Season Has Arrived And So Has Black Garlic: The Great Immunity - booster!

Improving overall health, strengthening our immune system is an important part of preventing sickness, associated with this time of the year. Renowned for its amazing health benefits and a sweet taste (compared to white garlic), Black Garlic, has grown in popularity all across the globe. Alongside the culinary interest in Black Garlic, there is also a growing interest in the immense and many medicinal benefits stored in this little black bundle!
Black Garlic is actually just the traditional white garlic, that has been processed by subjecting the raw white garlic to thermal processing under controlled humidity conditions. This fermenting process is also referred to as the “Maillard Reaction”, causing its colour to change from white to black. As a result, the Black Garlic gets it sweet flavour instead of a pungent taste and odor. Research indicates that these changes exponentially increase its power as an immunity - booster. 
Garlic has been traditionally used to support the immune system, through stimulating the white blood cells involved in the immunity response. Garlic’s role in catching a cold has also been researched with strong evidence that it reduces the occurrence of colds and flu. One study tried to compare the “immune-stimulatory” abilities of white and Black Garlic. Healthy subjects consumed either of the two substances, after which their blood samples were tested. Experts then assessed the impact of the respective garlic extracts on white blood cells. They found that Black Garlic extract “showed stronger immune-stimulatory activities than raw garlic”. Additionally, they claim that their results indicate a strong correlation between the activity of Black Garlic as an “antioxidant and anticancer agent”. 
A group of scientists, researching how Black Garlic helps to boost the immune system, have found evidence that the action occurs by the garlic stimulating the “NK” cells. Extensive research is on at present on garlic and Black Garlic strongly indicating that garlic has a significant role to play in preventing or treating many health conditions, ranging from diabetes, cancer, mercury and lead poisoning, infection and build up of plaque in the arteries. The main components in garlic are organosulfur compounds and bio active enzymes. One of them is allicin and is well known for its pharmacological properties including anti-bacterial, anti-hyper lipidemic, anti-tumor and immunoregulatory activity.
Raw white garlic is often referred to as the “Stinking Rose” and the Black Garlic is now the new “Black Gold”.
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